Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trouble with long division

Okay everyone, I am really struggling teaching my low math students long division.
We started off with easy division story problems-they got that no problem. We then went to simple division facts (no remainders or 1-digit divisor with remainder) they got that.
We then went into the steps of long division-wrote them on a poster, color coded them, they wrote the steps in their math notebooks. When it comes to actually doing it, they get lost and are totally wrong. I have tried to explain it different ways, but they are still struggling. Any ideas or tips on how you get your kids to learn it?


  1. I have been having my kids that can't remember the steps using the saying, Does Mcdonalds Sell Burgers so then they know Division -> Multiplication -> Subtraction -> Bring down. It also seemed to help my low kids to make a multiple T chart first, so they didn't really have to think of their multiplication facts during the process.

  2. In our district we use math makes sense and it has a completely different way of teaching long division but it works once the kids understand it. I will try to find a link for you.